Carol Sparks

Carol Sparks
Supervising Attorney
Carol Sparks is the Managing Attorney of Sparks Law Office, P.C. The firm was founded from Carol’s desire to advocate for small business entrepreneurs by planning for their personal protection. Carol was an active part of her family business as early as 10 years old (when she helped to design the first logo), working after school and during the summer to help wherever needed. Carol served as Vice President and General Counsel in her family business during the sale’s process in 2006 and 2007.


Carol’s practice is focused on individuals and families. She works on a day-to-day basis with small business entrepreneurs who are strategically growing their businesses and who are ready for the final transfer of ownership. In addition, she works with individuals and families seeking to create a legacy for their families through the transfer of gifts throughout their lives and in the years beyond.


Carol understands that every client desires to be treated like family and to protect their loved ones. At Sparks Law Office, P.C., we believe our team and our clients are our family. The Sparks Law team promises to serve clients with integrity by carefully using our skills and knowledge and by providing protection and peace of mind in the years ahead.

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