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Are you a small business owner desiring to restructure your business to avoid putting her personal assets in jeopardy from creditor?

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Are you a small business owner entering into business agreements through a handshake? on a lengthy form that the other person hands you to sign right then and there? without the necessary language to protect your legitimate business interests?

Are you a small business owner that needing some business advise on certain purchases or sales that your business is undergoing?

Sparks Law Office, P.C. has assisted many business clients with the questions above and many more. Carol Sparks can help you to choose the right entity that meets your business needs. She has assisted clients who were conducting business as a sole proprietorship and desiring to stop risking their personal assets. She has helped them form a legal entity, as well as structure the relationship between the business assets and personal assets in a way that allows certain assets to be used in the business. Carol has helped business clients document appropriate agreements so they no longer have to rely on another person's oral promises. She has also drafted form agreements for businesses to use in their day-to-day business operations, including agreements with employees. Carol has assisted business clients in loan transactions, asset purchases/leases, and issues involving intangible assets.

Sparks Law Office, P.C. is located in Maryville, Illinois.